Thursday, May 14, 2009

Celebrating 27 years!

Twenty-seven years ago tonight I was anxiously anticipating my wedding day. After dating for almost seven years, I was going to marry my High School sweetheart, Lisa Bolian. We started dating on July 5, 1975 when I finally got up enough courage to invite this fourteen year old beauty to go to the Galleria and see the new, hit movie, Jaws. I had my eye on Lisa for several months. I had flirted with her at the church Valentine Banquet and got her phone number. It only took me five more months to ask her out. As I drove into her driveway to take her home, after the movie, I thought you have to go for it. You may never get another chance. Do it! So, I kissed her as we stood on the porch and I said goodnight. I got back into the car (my Dad's 1974 Chevrolet Caprice Classic) and once I got out of sight of her house I started yelling and dancing and screaming, "I kissed Lisa Bolian." We dated continuously from that first date through our wedding day on May 15, 1982. Lisa was all a guy could want. She loved Jesus. And she was and is absolutely gorgeous. We wrapped up the rehearsal dinner and I was headed back to the apartment to try to go to sleep. As I lay in bed, dozens of thoughts ran through my head. What would tomorrow be like? How would the wedding ceremony go? How would our first night be? We had waited seven years for this night! Well, the wedding day and night were more than I could imagine (and believe me, I had imagined that night often). I love my wife as much or more than I did after that first kiss on July 5, 1975. She is the sparkle in my eye. She makes me laugh. She loves me. God gave me the perfect woman. Thank you God and thank you Lisa for 27 incredible years. I love you, Lisa! Happy Anniversary.


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